Think of this as the ‘brains’ of every system, connecting all elements to provide complete control throughout the home. Smart home automation really can be as simple as the touch of a button. We ensure seamless communication between all equipment specified on a project, from AV distribution systems, automated TV, motorised blinds, lighting control and CCTV.

We can offer customised home automation solutions to suit clients needs and budgets.
Your entertainment and control system can be configured to do as much, or as little as you want. Plus, it’s easy to add control in the future ensuring you are always ‘one step ahead’.

We create a simple way of allowing you to control many areas of your home including heating, lighting, security, music and TV. Switching the lights off when you leave the house, warming up the house before you get home from work, checking your security cameras while on holiday, and even opening all of the blinds in the morning with one touch of a button. All of this can be controlled using your voice, a sleek on-wall touch screen, a hand-held remote control, or using the mobile app on a smart phone or tablet device. With this simple-to-use app, you can access your smart home system at home, out and about or anywhere in the world.